I have never claimed to be a perfect mother and after this post you will probably all agree that my methods are somewhat questionable. I would like to say, in my defence, that the method illustrated below is foolproof for occupying the attention of a 14 month old for hours at a time. Also, please direct your hate mail towards the Department of Welfare and not to me – I really could not care less!

My daughter has developed this habit (might have been inspired by her mother) of walking around with my 5L box of wine. She loves it. She will walk through the house, onto the deck and into the garden – all the while swinging this box of wine (granted, most of the times it is empty) like she is Red Riding Hood skipping through the jungle to Grandma’s house. I, off course, think this is very funny, but Deon does not agree to my method of entertainment. My argument is that I am killing two birds with one stone (1)my drinking habit and (2) toys for Zani.

But, a problem did arise last night. As I was chasing after my daughter, trying to fill my glass of wine (she absconded with a half box of wine) I had a moment where I thought something is not right with this picture. I then promptly cornered her, took the box of wine, filled my glass and returned the “toy” to her and off she went. I went back to sitting of the deck, sipping my wine whist reading my book and sneaking a peak at her walking around with her favourite toy every so often.