Lately I have been having some issues with getting my child to eat anything.  Usually I am very laid back when it comes to this and only have a breakdown every week or so.  Last night was the night that the breakdown crept up on me unexpectedly.

As usual, I spent about an hour 30 minutes preparing her lovely, nutritious meal to only have it slapped out of my hands and end up all over the floor and my clothes.  After changing said clothes I was still very calm and proceeded to try again.  No luck.

I finally relented and reached for the yogurt.  She did not want anything to do with it and by this stage my calm was leaving me at a very rapid rate.  Actually, if I had to be honest, it was already all gone by this time.

As a last resort, I put her on the floor and just gave her the yogurt and a spoon and walked away.  When I returned, this is what I found.

Oh well, here’s hoping tonight will be better.  The cleaners are only coming on Monday again.