As the time goes by and my daughter is starting to “understand” what I’m saying, I try and impart some manners on a daily basis.

Basic things really, like saying “Dankie” when she takes something from me, or saying “asseblief” when she is pointing towards something that she wants. I want her to grow into these things naturally over time.

As I’ve been doing this, I have become rather touchy about manners and etiquette in general and I can’t help but feel that some people just lack the basics. I think the problem started when the whole “social networking” thingy took off. It is so easy to say something nasty and rude about someone, because you can hide behind your keyboard or cell phone and don’t have to face them when they have seen it.

Now, don’t get me wrong. If you feel the need to say something nasty or rude about “someone” then have the balls to say it and then leave it there. Don’t be a wussy and go back and delete it after you have realised that that person follows you on Twitter, Facebook or reads your blog. It just makes you look weak and rather sad if you do. By saying the thing in the first place, you must have felt strongly about it, so why don’t you rather grow a backbone and stand by you comment? If, however, you feel that you can’t do that, rather think about what you are putting out there onto Twitter/Facebook before pressing the tweet/update button.

Anyway, I’m trying to raise my daughter to realise that manners and etiquette (whether in real life or a digital one) are important and that words can hurt no matter if they have been tweeted or spoken.