So this Saturday we decided to just stay at home and spend some quality time together as a family.  We have been so busy over weekends for the past couple of months that I was actually looking forward to just spending time with Deon and Zani (and of course the two dogs as well).  Now everyone knows that nothing ever works out the way you intend it too and to further illustrate this point, my husband decided that it will be the perfect opportunity to spring clean the house. 

Now, I don’t want any comments about how it is almost autumn and spring has long since left us as I will just respond by saying that we were pro-active and already cleaning in preparation for spring 2011.  If you want to believe that, all the power to you!

So, we spend our Saturday cleaning every nook and cranny in our home and I was disgusted with the amount of dust and cobwebs that we found.  The reason this was so appaling is that we have cleaning services that comes in twice a week to “clean” our house and they charge a pretty penny to do so.  You would think that for the amount that they charge, they would move the couches/laundry hampers/fridges at least once in a while!

 Anyway, luckily we had some help.

‘Nuff said.