My daughter has a boyfriend. This would no be so troublesome if she was not 14 months old. I was hoping this would happen a little later, like say 16 or 17 (years and not months). According to her dad this relationship is a least 21 years to early and he won’t listen to me saying that that might be unreasonable, but whatever makes him happy.

The boyfriend’s name is Luca and if I am completely honest, he is the best looking little boy in her class. He is also younger that her (about 3 months) so hence the title of the blog. He also has very good manners (for a one year old) and will always come and great her at the door, a real gentleman. I take comfort from the fact that my daughter seems to have good taste.

The whole crèche is abuzz with the status of their relationship and it is actually very cute to see how Zani’s little face will light up in the mornings when she sees Luca. They apparently spend every moment together and where ever Zani goes, Luca is sure to follow. This is quite a sight as Zani is toddling along at the moment and Luca is scrambling along on all fours behind her.

Will keep you updated as things progress, but at the moment….not too worried.