Today is my wedding anniversary.  Well, it is not just mine alone, I guess I have to include Deon in the whole scheme of things.

So, today Deon and I have been married for ten years.  I won’t say that it has always been easy, but it sure has been fun.  That is one thing that I just love about our relationship, there is always laughter in our house.  He just makes it fun to do simple things, like for instance cleaning the house or even grocery shopping.

So, thank you Bokkie for being there when I need you to be there.  Thank you for the way you are with Zani and the patience you have with her when she is having a difficult day.  Thank you for the small things you do that I don’t seem to appreciate on a daily basis.  Thank you for the way you provide for us and finally, thank you for just being who you are. 

Love you more each day, even though you forgot!  Idiot!