Before I became pregnant with Zani, I was adamant that I needed a new camera. How can I possible be able to document my new child’s life with the old “mik-en-druk” that we currently owned. Obviously, I needed a high-tech device that would take these amazing pictures without any input from me whatsoever. We could not afford this amazing device, don’t know if it has even been invented yet, so we settled for a Canon “something” D.

Now, this camera has a battery that needs to be charged with this special little charging device. No problem you would think, but what to do when you can’t for the life of you find this stupid fecken thing!! I have searched high and low, throughout the house and in places where I wish I did not go for now I have seen what a mess they are and am therefore forced to clean them in the near future.

I am so frustrated with this camera at the moment. Actually, not with the camera itself, but more with the charger thingy that insists on staying lost. I am missing out on so many once-off moments with Zani that will never be captured on film (digital or otherwise) to be used in that very embarrassing 21st birthday video. I find myself reaching for the camera on a regular basis when she does something new or funny only to realise that there is no power.

This takes me back to my original decision, you know, the one about how I absolutely must have this much improved camera? Was it really necessary? Won’t it have been so much easier to keep on using the old Snapshot one? When those batteries are finished you just pop in new ones that you can buy in any shop in….the….world!

And, I would not have to go clean those long forgotten corners of my home. Sometimes, just maybe, advances in technology are not always better. Although, if I could just remember where I put the damn charger all would be forgotten.

But, for now we tend to visit Ouma and her camera (no charger necessary) for extended periods over the weekend.