I am a very impulsive person, but only when it comes to doing things.  Let met clarify, I don’t normally say things without thinking about it twice, but I will volunteer to do things on the spur of the moment.  Usually, about two minutes later I wish I didn’t. 

First, let met give you some background on me.  I am not a very good cook.  I tend to over think and then, as a result, over complicate things all the time.  I start out following a recipe, but somewhere down the line I tend to loose interest (or get confused) and then just start adding things all over the place.  The result, more often than not, is disaster. 

I love having people over for dinner etc. but we usually just end up making a braai or if inspiration hits,  a potjie.  I don’t normally do the whole “Sunday lunch” thing, except for my parents because they will always say how wonderful the food is.  Bless them!

So why oh why, I ask you, did I invite friends of ours (who we haven’t seen for ages) over for Sunday lunch???  Don’t get me wrong, I’m so looking forward to seeing them again, but why did I say I’m making Sunday lunch?  Why not just a braai or potjie?

I have been having sleepless nights, driving my husband up the wall deciding what I should make for this looming lunch.  Should I try something new, or stick with what I know?  Deon very democratically steered me away from unexplored territory and instead suggested that I keep to what I know.

So, Heather and Rudi, gear yourselves up for some old fashioned boerekos.  Oh, and mom, prepare yourself for some few phone calls regarding said boerekos.