So, the “dreaded” day arrived.  After much deliberation and a lot of Google time, I finally decided on an old fashioned Sunday roast lunch.  My inspiration came from my mom and the article SimplyDelicious wrote for Honest Cooking about her memories of Sunday lunch.

As Saturday morning dawned, I buckled Zani into her car seat and we hit the road to do the shopping, destination…..Tygervalley.  Of course, we arrived too early and none of the shops were open.  Zani had fallen asleep in her car seat, so I had a bit of “me” time which I chose to spend at MacDonalds with a cup of coffee – do not judge, they were the only place that was open.  Just for your information, shops in Tygervalley only open at 9.  So now you know.

As they opened the door to Woolworths, we were there.  If there is one skill that I have mastered since having my daughter, it is shopping on my own with a pram and a trolley.  I have become very adapt at pulling the trolley behind me whilst pushing the pram in the front (Sidebar – is there anything more painful than catching the back of your heal with the front of the trolley…..I don’t think so).  We did all our veggie shopping at Woolies, but I am a bit fan of the Skaapland Butchery in Bellville (just behind Baby City) and decided to rather buy the leg of lamb there.

My plan was to, upon returning home; prep all the veggies so that I did not have that much to do on the actual day.  Unfortunately, Zani started with a bit of a cold on Friday and by Saturday she was not feeling very well.  She was extremely clingy and only wanted her mommy.  Daddy would not do at all!  So I spent the rest of the day on the couch with my daughter either lying on me, or climbing over me. 

After Zani went to bed, I started prepping the lamb as I love a leg of lamb that has been slowly roasted overnight.  My mom used to do this and then the next morning you would wake up and the whole house would smell like Sunday.  The lamb would usually fall of the bone and be all sticky and nice.  In order to emulate this, my lamb went into the oven at about 9 at 80 degrees.  After a glass or four of wine, I decided to hit the sack as it was going to be a long day tomorrow.

We woke up early on Sunday, thanks to the alarm clock that I gave birth to.  I was actually very relaxed and was puttering around the house in my pj’s while Deon started cleaning up a bit.  Zani was feeling better and was actually ok with spending time with her dad. 

At about 10 I started to panic as I started to realise what I still have to do.  I frantically started pealing potatoes and sweet potatoes.  Zani decided that this was the perfect time to demand attention.  The solution, cutting up green beans with one hand while holding my daughter with the other.  Not the most comfortable or easy thing to do, but compared to a screaming toddler it was a win-win situation. 

The green beans were puttering away on the stove when the BBM went off.  Acidicice said they were home and getting ready to head our way.  I was sure to stress the fact that we will see them at 12!!!  I’m not sure she got the hint as she replied with a “ok, see you soon”.  At that stage I hit a flat panic.

 The lamb got pulled out of the oven (it smelled and looked great) so it got covered with foil to rest.  Now I had to try my hand a gravy making.  I’m not a gravy-making person as I am a lover of Ina Paarman’s ready to heat gravy, but I wanted to do everything from scratch.  I did not think it would look good to put this wonderful roast on the table and then say “Oh, please wait as I microwave our gravy”.  With Deon’s help we made on hell of a nice gravy, even if I have to say so myself. 

Luckily our lovely guests were so kind as to arrive VERY late.  If they, heaven forbid, actually arrived on time they would have found me still in my pj’s.  As it was, I had only just gotten out of the shower and only dried my hair when they pulled up.  It was strange, but when they arrived I just thought fek it , so what if everything’s not perfect.  It’s all about the company after all!

Heather kept me company in the kitchen as I was attempting to make roast potatoes.  This would have been a great success, except for the fact that my oven decided that it was a good time to start making weird beeping noises and giving me an E0004 error message.  I did not know what it meant and even Heather’s mad googling skills could not save us.  So, I decided to deep fry the potatoes like you do with chips.  Came out rather good, might actually do it again….on purpose this time.

All in all, the day turned out rather great.  The chocolate pudding was divine and I was seriously disappointed later that night that I insisted that they take the unopened one back home with them.  Seriously disappointed!

I don’t think I will be doing this again anytime in the near future, but it was fun and the company was great. 

If anyone knows what that error message means (AEG Oven), please let me know as my reheating abilities are seriously compromised at the moment.