This has been building for a while now.  I just cannot stand being here anymore.  Everyone is just working on my nerves and the whole “monitoring” policy that my boss insists on enforcing is just driving me up the wall.

No one can go onto the Internet without an alert being sent to his email account.  No private email may be received on your business account, but you are not allowed to check your personal account during working hours.  Your cell phone must be locked away in your desk drawer during working hours and may only be answered in case of an emergency.  All work is reviewed and may be heavens be with you if you managed to make a mistake.  Those are not allowed under any circumstances.

I have just had enough now!  I am 32 years old!  I am no longer a child (I actually have one of my own), so do no treat me like one!  It’s almost as if I have been released from prison, but I’m on parole and my boss has appointed himself as my parole officer.  I just can’t anymore.

I am in a very bad place emotionally at the moment.  Things have been building and building and it seems like it has chosen today to just crash down on me.  I feel hopeless, sad and just plain lost.  I am a firm believer that if you cannot be happy at work, then it will spill over into your private life.  That has started to happen and I need to stop it before it causes any permanent damage to my relationships with the people I love.

I need to be proactive in this.  I need to be strong.  I need to resist the urge to curl up in the foetal position and cry myself better.

I need to find another job.