Yesterday was another big day for my little girl.  She was “promoted” to the Toddler 1 class at school and yesterday was her first day there.

From now on she will also only have one sleep a day which will be in the afternoon.  According to the daily report she was very tired at about 10:30, but then Tannie Elmie (her new teacher) took her and walked with her down the hallways and outside so she can have a bit of “down time”.  After that she had her lunch and apparently ate like a pro – her t-shirt was testament to this!  She then had her afternoon nap from 12h10 to 14h30 – my poor tired baby.

I also had to pack my first “snack box” for her late afternoon tea break.  This caused a bit of a worry as I was absolutely clueless about what to pack in her new, very cool, Dora lunchbox.  The only guideline I received was that there was to be absolutely NO sweets in the snack box.  I decided on some grapes (halved), some cherry tomatoes (halved) a vienna (cut into pieces) and two pieces of soft dried apricots.  I also sneaked a packed of mini bacon kips into her bag as well as a juice.  There was enough food in her lunchbox to feed an army!  Judging on the scraps left over in the lunch box it was a good thing though!  Madam had a ball feeding herself her assortment of snacks.

For me it was a bit of a bitter-sweet experience.  I absolutely loved the teachers in the Baby Room and they all doted on Zani.  I know everyone always tells you when you have this little baby that you must enjoy every moment as they grow up so quickly.  I always used to nod, smile and try and make a sometimes-not-so-subtle departure from this deranged person.  Now I know how true those words were.  I can’t believe how quickly Zani has grown into this little lady, because I have to be honest and admit to myself that she is no longer a little baby…..and that breaks my heart a little bit.  I miss my baby, but this little independent (and growing more so every day) little person is burrowing deeper into my heart every day.

Yesterday when I went to go pick Zani up from crèche, I found her and her new friends playing on the mat with the ball.  One of the kids was trying to climb on top of Zani and I thought to myself….you need to be strong baby girl!  You might be the smallest at the moment and at the bottom of the pecking order, but soon – very soon – you’ll be at the top.  Head Girl of your class!!

To the ladies of the Baby Room (Elsie, Martie, Verna and Anine), words cannot express my gratitude for all the love, attention and patience that you gave to my daughter.  Thank you for the valuable advice you gave me – I will forever be grateful for you support during the sleep training week.  Thank you for the countless hours you played with Zani and her doll and thank you for recording priceless memories when I could not be there.

I’m looking forward to this new chapter of my daughter’s life and all the things she will learn in her new class.  I just wished I appreciated those “baby moments” more when they were there.  I wished I slowed down more to appreciate my baby girl being a baby girl.