The first week in the Toddler 1 class is done and dusted.  My daughter has survived, but more than that, she has flourished!

Monday was a difficult day as was expected.  She had a bit of trouble adjusting to just one sleep a day and the whole sleeping on a mattress on the floor (no cot anymore) took some getting used to.  Tannie Elmie said Zani look at her all like “You want me to sleep on the floor!!!!  You must be insane!!!”

Tuesday was much better and when I went to go and pick her at after work what I found made me smile.  All the little kiddies were standing around the radio, dancing their little socks off to some nursery tunes.  Please keep in mind that my daughter was cursed with her father’s dance moves – the top part of her body moves to a totally different rhythm than the bottom part of her body – but she was dancing like their was no tomorrow.  Such cuteness!

Wednesday was a terrible day – I guess like every woman knows, the third day of a diet is the hardest.  Now I know that the same can be said of nursery school.  Zani cried big fat rolling-down-your-face-to-mingle-with-the-snot-on-your-top-lip tears.  It broke my heart – and as a result I cried the same type of tears in the car on the way to work.  I did phone them just to check up on her at about 10 that morning, only to be told that she is playing outside on the swings with her new friends and that she was fine 5 min after I left.  Little bugger!

Yesterday she was too interested in the cookie jar to worry about her mom leaving for work.  Seems my daughter is not immune to a well placed bribe – I will have to save this information for future use.  When I arrived at her class yesterday to pick her up, she was too busy instructing (read crapping out) another little girl who dared to walk away with a toy while they were supposed to be packing it away.  Seems as if Zani can be quite the little Miss Bossy-Pants (I really have no clue where she gets this from).

The song of the week was “Wielie Walie” and for the last day of two Zani has been walking around the house making the hand movements…..but still singing “Heeeeiiiiitieee” – for the uninitiated, that is Heidi.  Small steps people, small steps.

Next week the lesson plan is Milk and its uses.  Can’t wait to see what she will pick up from that!