Just a quick post to share the cutest thing in the world with all of you. 

The lesson plan of Zani’s crèche for this week is farm animals.  On Monday they did all the different types of farm animals and yesterday they discussed the noises the animals make.

So, I walk into Zani’s classroom yesterday afternoon and she comes running towards me.  As I swing her up into the air I ask her “So baby girl, what noise does a cow make” and I nearly fell over when she puckered those little lips and went “Mmmmmoooooo” 

In the car I asked her what noise a sheep makes and I got a “mememememe” from the back of the car.  But, the best one was when I asked her what noise a chicken makes.  At first there was silence and then a “koe koe koeeeee” was issued from the car seat.  I could not stop myself from laughing!  The rest of the way home was me laughing and Zani going “koe koe kooooeeeee” from the back seat.

Best trip home….EVER!