My daughter turned 17 months on Friday last week.  I still can’t believe I have made it this far!  It has been one hell of a journey – that I will admit.  The amount of wine it took to get me here – that I will not admit!


It is truly amazing to observe the rate at which she is developing.  Something that was so challenging to her one day is now part of the basics the next.  Her vocabulary is also growing at an alarming rate and we find ourselves in that precarious position where we have to seriously sensor what we say – you see…we are swearers…..big ones!  I live in fear of the day my daughter offers up the f-word to her ouma….or worse….her teacher.  I can just imagine that conversation!


Her vocab now consists of the following words:

  • Pataaa – Patat (name of our oldest dog)
  • Boetaa – Boetie (name of our youngest dog)
  • Ba – Bal
  • Pappa – Dad
  • Mamma – Mom (sometimes I’m Pappa as well)
  • Baba – Baby (her doll)
  • Teddie – Teddybear
  • Doe-doe – sleep
  • Ma – Granny
  • Pa – Grandpa

She can now also make the sounds for a dog, lion, cow, sheep and chicken.  Granted, sometimes the cow and sheep gets mixed up….but it is still early days.

I have learned to appreciate the small things and to let some things slide.  I vividly remember how I used to cry on my mom’s shoulder because Zani would not eat anything.  Now, she is eating me out of house and home – and she especially loves it if it is on your plate!  I used to want to strangle the other moms who gave me the advice of “she will eat when she is hungry”.  Seems like they may have been right on that one! 


I love my cuddles in the morning.  Hiding under the covers from her dad when he brings the coffee in the morning.  And giggling when he “finds” us.


I love my hugs when I pick her up from her cot in the morning.  The way her “bed head” of hair tickles my chin when she snuggles closer. 


I love how she brings me book after book after book after book (you get the idea) to read to her – doesn’t matter where we are.  My handbag is now a fully loaded travelling library.


I love how she will pinch my arm (quite hard actually) when I sit next to her on the couch and I’m not paying sufficient attention to her.  I especially love the little smile I get when I glance down at her after the pinch. 


It has taken me quite a while to get here, but I can honestly admit that now… this moment……I am totally in love with my baby girl.


I think I might actually have another one. 




In the future. 


The very far away future!