I know, it has been way too long between posts.  In my defense – it has been one hell of a ride and eventhough using the excuse that you are too busy to blog is a bad one, I’m going to use it in my defense.

So, what has been happening in my life you ask?  Well, within the last month I finished up at my previous company and started at my new company.  It was a very hectic month work wise as I had to ensure that all my work was up to date and handed over to my replacement.  I did not want to leave anything half-finished because I know how easy it is to blame someone for something that has been done wrong when they are not there to defend themselves.  It was also a matter of pride – don’t even ask.

So, I started a my new company on 1 August and although it has only been a week, I have enjoyed it imensly.  Even including the day that I had to get up at 4 in the morning (you read that right) to be on time for a flight to Durban. 

Let me not even get started on the complete and utter culture shock that awaited me on my first day. Upon walking in, my office was show to me, my laptop issued-and my desktop set-up.  On my desk was my 3G card.  I was also informed that if you are finished with your work – feel free to leave for the day.  This is a complete and utter turn around from my previous job.  Here, you are expected to be on Skype/Twitter/Facebook etc.  To say that I am still a bit shell-shocked, might be a bit of an understatement.

The people are also very nice and I think I could be really happy here.  It is a really interesting and exciting company and there is a real ‘team’ feeling already.  They are really going the extra mile to make me feel welcome and it has gone a long way of settling any nervousness associated with starting a new job.  I know it is early day yet, but so far so good.

On a more personal level, things have been good. Deon had a really busy time over the year-end and sometimes days would go by without us seeing each other.  Things seems to have quieten down somewhat and I’m hoping it will stay that way.  I was not cut out to be a single mom – I really have so much respect for those moms and I really don’t know how they cope on their own.

Zani is doing really well and she had really expanded her vocab during the last month.  We even have little sentences (two words and sometimes three) emerging on a regular basis.  She is turning into a real little lady. 


Anyway, I promise I won’t be absent for such a long time again. 


Speak soon!