Finally, a Saturday arrived that was all sunshine and no gale force wind to go along with it.

So, after a lovely prayer-walk with a new friend, Zani and I headed to our nearest park to feed the ducks. Deon did not go with us as his ‘man-flu” was acting up again. Shame, he has been in bed for the past two days, but that is an experience for another post.

Anyway, I have been meaning to take Zani to feed the ducks for quite some time, but I always seemed to come up with an excuse not to go. Not so this time! We bundled up (it is still winter here after all) and grabbed some old bread (any bread in our house is bound to be old) and headed for the park.

What a lovely time we had. She was a bit sceptical of these strange waddling creatures, but she soon warmed to them….and the bread as well. At one point she was running after one duck shouting at him because he would not take the bread she was offering – very funny!

Here are some pics from our adventure!