Absent much?

Things have been so crazy around here that I have seriously neglected my blog!  It has been ages since I have done an update.


Unfortunately, this is just a quick post to say that all is fine in the Thiart household!  We are all coping with very busy year-ends at work and apart from the fact that I only see my husband over weekend, things are good.


Oh, and I found a new job!  I start at the end of the month and I’m super exited!!!


Promise to write a full update very soon!



You like me, you really like me!

 I got this lovely blog award from two vary special people:

Firstly, from Miss Preggy – a very strong woman who is going to be an amazing mother to her little peanut when he arrives.  I love her blog and can’t wait for the rest of the story to unfold.

 The second one is a very special friend, Acidicice.  I was blessed to have met her during our antenatal classes and with a stroke of luck (and some Advent bottles up for grabs) we became friends.  Hers is the first blog I visit every morning to check for an update. 

 Ok, the rules for accepting the award are as follows:

  •  I have to choose five other people who deserve it and pass the awards along
  • Tell you seven random facts about me
  • Let the people that you give the awards to know
  • Thank the person who gave you the award

5 Blogs I love and read religiously are:

Ellen – a fellow Moomie mom who started blogging (from this address anyway) about the same time I did.  Her posts are always entertaining and thought provoking.  Her writing is so expressive that you can actually picture what she is saying.  Have a look, you definitely won’t be sorry.  In fact, I’m pretty sure you’ll want her to blog more often (hint hint Ellen!)

The always lovely Sharon from I Believe in Miracles.  This blog has the uncanny ability to make me cry every time I read it.  It is such a privilege to be able to “share” Ava with them and to be part of their remarkable and inspiring story.  One day, when I grow up, I want to be just like her!

Charlotte – once again, another Moomie mom.  Have a look at her blog and marvel at how she manages to hold it together (during some very trying times) and raise her two daughters.  It will give you new found respect for single mothers!

Another blog worth mentioning is Crystal from Memoirs of a Mediocre Mormon Mommy – all the way from the other side of the world in California.  She probably has the worst sense of direction ever, but it will give you a giggle every time!

My final “award” goes to the gorgeous Bronwyn from bronwynmay.  Never a dull post from this blog – always thought provoking and peppered with plenty of giggles along the way.  Go on, have a look!


7 things you did not know about me:

  1. My food is not allowed to touch each other.  I will always finish one food type before moving on to the next (eg eat all my peas before moving on to the carrots) and I will always start at the bottom of my plate, moving in a clockwise direction. 
  2. I am painfully shy and in order to mask this and “fit” in, I will usually end up being overly loud in conversations making people believe that I am an absolute twat. 
  3. I am totally and utterly addicted to celebrity gossip blogs
  4. I cry during commercials…ALL…THE…TIME!  I don’t know if you remember the advert about the baby that was born aboard the SAA flight?  Yeah…not a pretty cry that one!
  5. I love reading romance novels.  Not the dignifies ones either, oh no, I love those ones that make you blush if you read them in public (hiding them away behind a magazine of course) because you are totally convinced that everyone knows what you have just read.
  6. When I get nervous I really need to wee and when I get really angry, I lock myself in the bathroom and cry.
  7. I have the ability to remember the most mundane things from years ago, but please don’t ask me to remember something from this morning.  For this purposes, I have notebooks stashed everywhere….if only I could remember where they are!


There you go.  Did you not just find that absolutely fascinating?


Party for one

I just go some news today that has upset me more than it should have.  I don’t actually know if upset is the right word for it, I guess unsettle would be more appropriate.


I was raised with the motto of “let the sun shine on others” meaning – be happy when something good happens to someone else.  At the moment, I am finding it hard to be.  I am struggling with it and it is making me feel like a total bitch.


Without going into specifics, let me just say that I don’t have the best of relationships with this person, but it still does not justify this feeling of resentment I have towards them. 


Why can’t I just be happy for this person?  Why can’t I be a bigger person and just let past hurts go?  Why does someone that does not play a part in my life have the power to make me feel so low?  Is it because I give that power to them?  And if so, how do I take it back?


I wish I could be one of those people who can just say “Well, FUCK you!!” and move on with my life.  Unfortunately, I’m one of those that will crawl into a corner, curl into a ball, such my thumb and cry big fat crocodile tears while asking myself “Why don’t they like me? What did I do?”


Anyway, that is my little pity-party for today.  Thoughts and advice is always welcome!


My love story

My daughter turned 17 months on Friday last week.  I still can’t believe I have made it this far!  It has been one hell of a journey – that I will admit.  The amount of wine it took to get me here – that I will not admit!


It is truly amazing to observe the rate at which she is developing.  Something that was so challenging to her one day is now part of the basics the next.  Her vocabulary is also growing at an alarming rate and we find ourselves in that precarious position where we have to seriously sensor what we say – you see…we are swearers…..big ones!  I live in fear of the day my daughter offers up the f-word to her ouma….or worse….her teacher.  I can just imagine that conversation!


Her vocab now consists of the following words:

  • Pataaa – Patat (name of our oldest dog)
  • Boetaa – Boetie (name of our youngest dog)
  • Ba – Bal
  • Pappa – Dad
  • Mamma – Mom (sometimes I’m Pappa as well)
  • Baba – Baby (her doll)
  • Teddie – Teddybear
  • Doe-doe – sleep
  • Ma – Granny
  • Pa – Grandpa

She can now also make the sounds for a dog, lion, cow, sheep and chicken.  Granted, sometimes the cow and sheep gets mixed up….but it is still early days.

I have learned to appreciate the small things and to let some things slide.  I vividly remember how I used to cry on my mom’s shoulder because Zani would not eat anything.  Now, she is eating me out of house and home – and she especially loves it if it is on your plate!  I used to want to strangle the other moms who gave me the advice of “she will eat when she is hungry”.  Seems like they may have been right on that one! 


I love my cuddles in the morning.  Hiding under the covers from her dad when he brings the coffee in the morning.  And giggling when he “finds” us.


I love my hugs when I pick her up from her cot in the morning.  The way her “bed head” of hair tickles my chin when she snuggles closer. 


I love how she brings me book after book after book after book (you get the idea) to read to her – doesn’t matter where we are.  My handbag is now a fully loaded travelling library.


I love how she will pinch my arm (quite hard actually) when I sit next to her on the couch and I’m not paying sufficient attention to her.  I especially love the little smile I get when I glance down at her after the pinch. 


It has taken me quite a while to get here, but I can honestly admit that now…..at this moment……I am totally in love with my baby girl.


I think I might actually have another one. 




In the future. 


The very far away future!


a Quickie…

Just a quick post to share the cutest thing in the world with all of you. 

The lesson plan of Zani’s crèche for this week is farm animals.  On Monday they did all the different types of farm animals and yesterday they discussed the noises the animals make.

So, I walk into Zani’s classroom yesterday afternoon and she comes running towards me.  As I swing her up into the air I ask her “So baby girl, what noise does a cow make” and I nearly fell over when she puckered those little lips and went “Mmmmmoooooo” 

In the car I asked her what noise a sheep makes and I got a “mememememe” from the back of the car.  But, the best one was when I asked her what noise a chicken makes.  At first there was silence and then a “koe koe koeeeee” was issued from the car seat.  I could not stop myself from laughing!  The rest of the way home was me laughing and Zani going “koe koe kooooeeeee” from the back seat.

Best trip home….EVER!

Beautiful girl

I know it is not Wordless Wednesday, but so what.  I wanted to share these beautiful pics of my baby girl.

Oh hey, didn't see you there

You can be so funny sometimes! You are my bestest friend!

You can take a horse to water, but you can't make him drink.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I did.  I just can’t help smiling when I look at them.

Lessons learned

The first week in the Toddler 1 class is done and dusted.  My daughter has survived, but more than that, she has flourished!

Monday was a difficult day as was expected.  She had a bit of trouble adjusting to just one sleep a day and the whole sleeping on a mattress on the floor (no cot anymore) took some getting used to.  Tannie Elmie said Zani look at her all like “You want me to sleep on the floor!!!!  You must be insane!!!”

Tuesday was much better and when I went to go and pick her at after work what I found made me smile.  All the little kiddies were standing around the radio, dancing their little socks off to some nursery tunes.  Please keep in mind that my daughter was cursed with her father’s dance moves – the top part of her body moves to a totally different rhythm than the bottom part of her body – but she was dancing like their was no tomorrow.  Such cuteness!

Wednesday was a terrible day – I guess like every woman knows, the third day of a diet is the hardest.  Now I know that the same can be said of nursery school.  Zani cried big fat rolling-down-your-face-to-mingle-with-the-snot-on-your-top-lip tears.  It broke my heart – and as a result I cried the same type of tears in the car on the way to work.  I did phone them just to check up on her at about 10 that morning, only to be told that she is playing outside on the swings with her new friends and that she was fine 5 min after I left.  Little bugger!

Yesterday she was too interested in the cookie jar to worry about her mom leaving for work.  Seems my daughter is not immune to a well placed bribe – I will have to save this information for future use.  When I arrived at her class yesterday to pick her up, she was too busy instructing (read crapping out) another little girl who dared to walk away with a toy while they were supposed to be packing it away.  Seems as if Zani can be quite the little Miss Bossy-Pants (I really have no clue where she gets this from).

The song of the week was “Wielie Walie” and for the last day of two Zani has been walking around the house making the hand movements…..but still singing “Heeeeiiiiitieee” – for the uninitiated, that is Heidi.  Small steps people, small steps.

Next week the lesson plan is Milk and its uses.  Can’t wait to see what she will pick up from that!

Moving on up…

Yesterday was another big day for my little girl.  She was “promoted” to the Toddler 1 class at school and yesterday was her first day there.

From now on she will also only have one sleep a day which will be in the afternoon.  According to the daily report she was very tired at about 10:30, but then Tannie Elmie (her new teacher) took her and walked with her down the hallways and outside so she can have a bit of “down time”.  After that she had her lunch and apparently ate like a pro – her t-shirt was testament to this!  She then had her afternoon nap from 12h10 to 14h30 – my poor tired baby.

I also had to pack my first “snack box” for her late afternoon tea break.  This caused a bit of a worry as I was absolutely clueless about what to pack in her new, very cool, Dora lunchbox.  The only guideline I received was that there was to be absolutely NO sweets in the snack box.  I decided on some grapes (halved), some cherry tomatoes (halved) a vienna (cut into pieces) and two pieces of soft dried apricots.  I also sneaked a packed of mini bacon kips into her bag as well as a juice.  There was enough food in her lunchbox to feed an army!  Judging on the scraps left over in the lunch box it was a good thing though!  Madam had a ball feeding herself her assortment of snacks.

For me it was a bit of a bitter-sweet experience.  I absolutely loved the teachers in the Baby Room and they all doted on Zani.  I know everyone always tells you when you have this little baby that you must enjoy every moment as they grow up so quickly.  I always used to nod, smile and try and make a sometimes-not-so-subtle departure from this deranged person.  Now I know how true those words were.  I can’t believe how quickly Zani has grown into this little lady, because I have to be honest and admit to myself that she is no longer a little baby…..and that breaks my heart a little bit.  I miss my baby, but this little independent (and growing more so every day) little person is burrowing deeper into my heart every day.

Yesterday when I went to go pick Zani up from crèche, I found her and her new friends playing on the mat with the ball.  One of the kids was trying to climb on top of Zani and I thought to myself….you need to be strong baby girl!  You might be the smallest at the moment and at the bottom of the pecking order, but soon – very soon – you’ll be at the top.  Head Girl of your class!!

To the ladies of the Baby Room (Elsie, Martie, Verna and Anine), words cannot express my gratitude for all the love, attention and patience that you gave to my daughter.  Thank you for the valuable advice you gave me – I will forever be grateful for you support during the sleep training week.  Thank you for the countless hours you played with Zani and her doll and thank you for recording priceless memories when I could not be there.

I’m looking forward to this new chapter of my daughter’s life and all the things she will learn in her new class.  I just wished I appreciated those “baby moments” more when they were there.  I wished I slowed down more to appreciate my baby girl being a baby girl.